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a graphic designer based in Warsaw, and this is my own piece of the internet!

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Social Media 


Mom used to tell me to get off the phone, because I'll never make a living just staring at instagram. So to prove her wrong, I became a Social Media Manager for a bunch of awesome clients over the past 3 years, building content plans, brand awareness and boosting their e-commerce!


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A creative campaign starring your products, event cove- rage, social media content, or a snappy photoshoot for your e-commerce? 

I've done it all and I'll do it again!


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Graphic Design


I seized some amazing opportunities - from designing  billboards for a social campaign in the heart of Warsaw, to illustrating animated, award-winning scenography.

Now, with a soft spot for branding and illustration, I'm waiting for new challenges!


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UI&UX Design



A glossy graphic layout isn't enough to build a successful digital product, so I decided to boost my User Interface Design skills with a recently completed User Experience course. Now I want to learn even more in practice, so lets put my skills to the test

Facebook & IG Ads


To help my clients reach new audiences and meet their business goals, I completed a Facebook and Instagram Ads course. As an advertiser, I advise my clients on commu-nication strategy, budget optimisation and later set every-thing in motion, from a catchy CTA to custom targeting


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